10 Fashion Tips for Couple Chic Clothing

Similar to enjoying Trekkies, Wow players and fanboys alike, most of the women tend to embrace couple chic clothing these days.

Printed coats are popular and hoodies make good tops to use for this and they also come as a pair people in relationships who enjoy wearing matching clothing such as couple hoodies. This fashion style is for a certain type of people but there are many who enjoy it.

For fashionistas trying to rock the appearance from toe to head, it’s was not an easier task with famous stores like Forever21 and H&M proving a wide range of chic couple clothing!

  • 10 Fashion Tips for Couple Chic Clothing
  • Adopt your Crops and Skinnies
  • Be the owner of your trendy graphic tee
  • Strut your own Oxfords
  • Rock the Geek specs lenses
  • Ditch your contacts for a period of 24 hours
  • Wear matching socks with your partners
  • Get printed and cropped
  • Flaunt your geek collar
  • Don’t leave for footwear forgotten
  • Comic book apparel
  • Adopt your Crops and Skinnies

    Cropped pants and skinny jeans have been shown on most of the fashionista’s radar and crops and colored skinnies have been shown each and every place from the windows of H&M shop to the famous hipster scene. But the most important thing is that couples were dominating this appearance long before other people were.

    Be the owner of your trendy graphic tee

    You should not bother about what anyone else thinks, graphic based T-shirts not only designed for fanboys and for those who play in musical bands. Considerably in this year, fitted cute graphic women’s tees are everywhere and there are many designs aimed at couples who want to look coordinated.

    Strut your own Oxfords

    This eye-catching classic footwear style cannot be considered as a Geek staple thing only but Oxfords prevail still as same as chic ever. In the same time where the classical style of Oxford is still well and alive, we can experience more and more styles of the pure original that include even Oxford heels.

    chic clothing

    Rock the Geek specs lenses

    Prescription or not a prescription, there was not any other time which is cooler to wear stylish specs! If any person is already a wearer of glasses, it would be the suitable time to move towards buying a new or another second pair! As the very least option, any couple can look great together when embracing a pair of sunglasses.

    Ditch your contacts for a period of 24 hours

    Specs with thick-rimes are synonymous practically with this trend of geek chic clothing. So on behalf of worrying about your version of 20/20, go for a pair of specs with frames in boldly bookish.

    Wear matching socks with your partners

    Most of the times there should be only a simple pair of trendy socks to transform your attire from plain to a chic couple look.

    Get printed and cropped

    Of course sans suspenders, printed and cropped trousers make an attractive chic statement along with just the most suited quantity of quirk. Don’t hesitate to experiment with plaid, quirky prints and polka dots. There are a variety of printed bottoms that you both can be wearing if you enjoy matching outfits.

    Flaunt your geek collar

    Couple shirts with a collar can be shown as a staple which is unique to any chic couple clothing and considerably a tremendous look for when you both head out.

    Don’t leave for footwear forgotten

    A cropped pants pair may be the most suited pairing, but at the same time, you can include a dash of this chic into a beautiful dainty dress with your other half in jeans along with this unexpected choice of footwear.

    Comic book apparel

    Let your own nerd embraced flag fly with comic book MerchGoat, featuring hats and t-shirts with brands including Nox/Gay Centaur, Darl Lily, Ded Zeppelin and chic.